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We work with a wide variety of materials, the below table gives their basic mechanical characteristics and main applications.

ABSTough, opague, rigid, high glossAutomotive, office equipment, domestic appliances, refrigeration, display stands
EVATough, semi-opague, flexible, good low temperature propertiesHandtool handles, food packaging
HDPETough, semi-rigid, translucent, excellent weatherability/chemical resistanceStorage boxes, housewares, dustbins, safety products, pipe fittings
HIPSRigid, hard, translucentRigid packing, household appliances, toys
LDPEFlexible, translucent, durable, good weatherability/low temperature performance, excellent chemical resistanceLids and closures, bins, containers
LLDPEStronger and tougher than LPDE, better mechanical properties at low and high temperaturesFlexible handles, housewares, toys, containers
PA6Rigid, tough, translucent, hard wearingUnderground drainage products, handtool handles, bushes
PA66Rigid, tough, translucent, hard wearingAutomotive fans, filters, kitchen appliances
PCRigid, tough, excellent impact resistance, good weatherability and dimensional stabilityReflectors, safety helmets, clear roof panels
POMRigid, very tough, translucent, good dimensional stability and electrical propertiesPlumbing fittings, gears, valves, bearings
PPSemi-rigid, translucent, excellent chemical resistance, good recyclabilityGarden tools, automotive bumpers / wheel mudguards, crates, bin
TPEFlexible, good low temperatures propertiesSeals, gaskets, overmoulding for a soft touch

All this information never replaces the data given by the raw material manufacturers.

Examples of materials

    Virgin material
    Red masterbatch
    Repro material
    Blue masterbatch
    Grey masterbatch
  • MASTERBACH_2.jpg
    Yellow masterbatch
Certifications Iso 9001-2015

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